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Re: Would-Be Wikipedia Replacements Stumble
Posted by: Mick O'Leary 2008-02-20 06:29:48
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People either love or hate Wikipedia, but the vast majority are lovers. Wikipedia has many thousands of dedicated (which is a nice way to say "obsessive") contributors, more than 2 million articles and an Alexa ranking as one of the top 10 Web sites. Among the under-25 set in particular, Wikipedia is the reference source of choice. Those who love old-paradigm encyclopedias -- including many encyclopedia publishers, teachers and librarians -- view Wikipedia with dismay. They are suspicious of the wiki principle of distributed authority.

Re: Would-Be Wikipedia Replacements Stumble
Posted by: Larry Sanger 2008-02-21 19:21:24 In reply to: Mick O'Leary
I notice that the comments editor has chosen not to post two prior comments from me. I hope at least he or she will at least post this link to a comment in which I reply in a more neutral public forum (Google's Comments by People in the News):
Thank you,
Larry Sanger
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