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Re: A Far-Fetched Fix for E-Voting Woes: Open Source
Posted by: Jack M. Germain 2008-02-01 08:18:31
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The 2008 presidential primaries capture the lion's share of election season media exposure, but an equally critical campaign is running quietly in the background. The controversial decision to implement various types of electronic voting machines in place of paper ballots is garnering little public attention, while many states hastily implement flawed electronic voting machines and related election procedures, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The U.S. lacks a universal voting standard.

There is some open source voting out there..
Posted by: carback1 2008-02-04 07:34:36 In reply to: Jack M. Germain
Open voting solutions and the Open voting consortium are one example. Funding would definitely help.
I think that open source alone only helps up until you put the software on the machine. If it can be tampered with you are still out of luck.
Some say the machines should print or make ordinary paper ballots or a paper trail, but it still matters who transports them after the voters have touched them! This only "fixes" the problem up until the voting booth. What happens after that is anyone's game!
As a voter, I don't trust what happens after my ballot goes into the ballot box, but I don't have unlimited resources to really check up on it. I have the 20 minutes I spent on election day doing what many consider to be irrational!
Fortunately, there are systems emerging that can give voters a glimpse of what happens after the ballot box. I urge you to check out Punchscan and Scantegrity, both of which are open source. Their security is not based on the security of the software or the machine, but implementation of a protocol that can be verified by anyone, and they provide privacy preserving receipts to each voter so they can check that their vote made it to the final tally.
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