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Re: Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source
Posted by: Danelle Barrett, Boyd Fletcher and Dave Huff 2007-12-29 08:12:40
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Misconceptions about open source software have made many U.S. Defense Department sectors reluctant to employ this technology. Although a 2003 department policy allows its use, many still believe that open source software poses an increased security risk to networks and that it is not supported as well as commercial products. An example of such software is the U.S. Joint Forces Command's J-9 Joint Futures Laboratory redact tool. JFCOM developed a free open source software redaction tool to remove changes from standard office documents.

I don't necessarily blame them for not opening OSS with open arms, not because of poorer development quality but because of liability issues. In this year's list of best applications, both OSS and standard apps appeared side by side:
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