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Re: Consumer-Friendly Linux Distro Found in Linspire Five-O
Posted by: Steve Ford 2006-07-16 08:02:42
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The Linux operating system is adored by software developers, and for good reason. Everything in Linux is "open," which is to say that you can get inside any application, no matter how complicated, and modify it to your heart's content. Or, you can write new code for your own use and share it with the global Linux community. Linux is grassroots programming, driven by the users it serves rather than the corporations that market the software.

Re: Consumer-Friendly Linux Distro Found in Linspire Five-O
Posted by: StupidScript 2006-07-24 15:15:15 In reply to: Steve Ford
Unfortunately, the Linspire system is NOT "open". In fact, it prohibits a users from ever "becoming root". The traditional methods of installation of programs not included in the CNR repository is a huge headache, if at all possible, and in the end one must either be satisfied with the few CNR apps available or make do without. (I say "few" because 2000 is a tiny fraction of the truly free and "open" programs available to users of traditional Linux distros.) Linspire's limitations severly undercut any notion that it is an "open" Linux distribution, and does not provide anything like an experience by which a new user could move to another Linux distro. In that way, it is just as limiting as the Microsoft OSs, and just as "closed".
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