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Re: US Marshals Switching to Red Hat Linux
Posted by: Michael Arnone 2006-05-29 11:17:59
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The U.S. Marshals Service is switching the databases at all 94 of its district offices in the United States and its territories to Red Hat Linux. The Marshals expect to have as much as 80 percent of their production databases and all of their data running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux by the end of June, said John Campbell, an information technology specialist for the Marshals' Justice Detainee Information System. The move will include all databases for prisoner information, some financial databases and decision-support systems.

Re: US Marshals Switching to Red Hat Linux
Posted by: OkieUnix 2006-05-31 12:53:15 In reply to: Michael Arnone
First off, I have no idea of what you guys are referring to as Sun SCO as there is NO such beast. Do you want to explain that to the reading audience? Sun Linux offering does NOT include SCO and SCO unix offering doesn't include Linux. So where are you getting this information is beyond me.
Also the U.S. Marshals Service should really done more of a study on support that Sun would have offered. The savings would have been more tremendous which would be a savings to the US tax payers who fork out the bill to allow the Marshal Service to even exist.
The consulting firm that the Marshal Service used should go back to Sun and learn what support services they offer.
John Campbell, I promise this much you'll regret having to even gone with Red HAT in the first place. If your think you have cut cost, start asking for more money from Congress as you'll need it. Your not saving anything, the truth is your costing the US Marshal Service, Congress, the President and the American tax paying public more money.
The other thing the Article is not very clear on what Database your referring to? Is it Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, MySQL, or Progress that you may be referring to. Red HAT doesn't do any Databases that I know of unless there is something new.
The Sun SCO thing you guys mentioned, Either John Campbell got things really mixed up or Michael Arnone should use real hearing aids when interviewing people.
Get your facts straight Michael. To say the least this article really confusing and I really feel sorry for John Campbell and the US Marshal Service. It's going to be interesting on your future budget requests from Congress now that you screwed up.
To John Campbell, let us know when you arrest the consults because that is exactly what you should do in the first place. They really steered you wrong.
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