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Re: Unix, Linux Mythology Continues to Unfold
Posted by: Mark Hall 2006-05-23 14:10:40
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Unix fans have been on the ropes of late. SGI declared bankruptcy earlier this month. In April, ongoing financial problems at Sun Microsystems led to an executive shakeup. It's not surprising to see the two highest-profile Unix-identified vendors in trouble. Things are not looking that bright for Unix anywhere. Although a few folks at Microsoft might think they've had a hand in Sun's and SGI's misfortunes, they'd be wrong. Linux is the culprit. As in some Greek myth, Linux, the unwanted child of Unix, is putting Unix vendors to death.

Re: Unix, Linux Mythology Continues to Unfold
Posted by: PMDubuc 2006-05-24 06:36:00 In reply to: Mark Hall
"If you look to see who's contributing code to various open source projects, you'll find many programmers who work at SGI, Sun, IBM, Hewlett Packard and others. They may make their living at companies that depend on Unix, but they work to further the goals of open source, of which the primary beneficiary is Linux, the killer of Unix."
Seems like Linux also depends on these companies who pay the salaries of the many programmers who contribute to it. Let's hope that Linux doesn't kill off that arrangement.

Re: Unix, Linux Mythology Continues to Unfold
Posted by: TalkC 2006-05-24 04:55:15 In reply to: Mark Hall
I am sorry, but is there supposed to be a point here? If so, I must have missed it. It sounds more like a whne than anything factual. UNIX is still a multi-billion dollar business (except when you count SCO Group - who have failed miserably at everything they have done) for most UNIX vendors, and the whole "UNIX is dead" mythology is just pure bunk made up by people without anything better to do than write BS. Fact is: UNIX is alive and kicking and the Linux revolution is forcing the re-emergence of a recognition of UNIX being a great and workable solution. Smart vendors are going to go toward open-source and open standards - not closed source proprietary lock-ins. The proprietary and idiotic vendors will sue, because they can't control that market, but the smart and nimble vendors will find a way to work with open source and Linux because they can see it improving their fortunes.Last time I checked, most UNIX business was still being had by the Billions of dollars. Oh, except for some little outfit out of Utah that has never managed to be smart, just arrogant and litigious. Solaris 10 is doing well, as is AIX, HP-UX, etc. Not sure where your fact checkers are, but they failed miserably to source the truth here. SGI and SUN are/were hurting due to overpriced hardware - not just software. You should know this, but it seems to escape the radar for the apparent end of writing more useless drivel - like attemtping to "blame" Linux and open-source. Really rather petty and pathetic, and total FUD.
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