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Re: Linux Industry Applauds New Standard Base Release
Posted by: ECT News Staff 2006-04-26 12:00:52
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Fourteen Linux vendors have united behind the Linux Standard Base 3.1 -- the first version of the LSB to include support for portable Linux desktop applications -- according to the Free Standards Group, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting open source software standards, and the LSB workgroup. The Release of LSB 3.1 "enables further uniformity and standardization across applications and distributions," said Reza Rooholamini, director of enterprise solutions engineering at Dell.

Re: New Standard Base Release
Posted by: JaquiG 2006-04-26 12:17:49 In reply to: ECT News Staff
Well, the LSB has some issues that interfere with it's acceptance by the Linux USERS out there. To start with the absolute requirement for the inferior RPM package manager that lets all non RPM based distros out of being LSB compliant.
The next, they are adding a required set of libs for guis to have a compliant distro?
sorry, I don't want to have any gui on my box, so I guess it will never be compliant.
[ the LSB loses respect for the above 2 ]
My final, and biggest issue with the LSB, why are they specifying exactly what software is required? they should be specifying types, as in you require a cli text editor, you SHOULD have a package manager. Anything else is just pure garbage coming from them.
as a BASE standard they should limit themselves to the minimum required software to run a linux box, everything else is BLOAT.
[ and requiring vi(m) for a text editor is overkill, as vi(m) is a text processor not a text editor, pico or joe would be about a million percent better for a default text editor, both are far more user friendly, and far less resource hungry. vi(m) is not user friendly at all and should be killed off as the antiquated dinosaur it is. ]
*note to self, don't bother trying to meet bloatware lsb for anything I develop, it isn't worth using.
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