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Re: Time May Be Right for Government Agencies to Adopt Linux
Posted by: Anonymous 2006-04-15 00:49:05
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Now may finally be the right time to consider migrating to a Linux-based industry standard computing platform, due to the scalability, security and reliability offered by a combined partnership of industry leaders known for delivering trusted solutions. When it comes to selecting a technology platform for any federal agency, the choice these days boils down to these options: a proprietary solution such as Windows; any of the vendorled Unix variants; or a Linux-based open source option.

Re: Time May Be Right for Government Agencies to Adopt Linux
Posted by: JaquiG 2006-04-15 01:06:13 In reply to: Anonymous
I have to disagree that Red Hat Linux is a good option.
I have had nothing but troubles installing any Red Hat linux version I have looked at, on hardware that is currently running linux prior to attempting to even install Red Hat's products the failure of Red Hat to install at all is inexcusable.
I've looked at most major distributions of linux, and have found that for enterprise use Debian is most likely to be the best option. The slower release cycle of Debian is better suited to Enterprise use than the 6 month cycle most distributions employ.
I wouldn't recommend that any Government Agency seriously concider using a linux distribution that is on a 6 month release cycle, since the version they use will most likely be used for far longer than the 2 years the vendors would be supporting it.
I've been using linux only for 8 years.
[ I do not own a single copy of any Microsoft software, or software that requires Windows to be used. ]
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