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Re: Tort Reform: A Bandwagon for Open Source
Posted by: Paul Murphy 2004-11-18 18:22:18
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President Bush has made it clear that tort reform, narrowly construed in terms of medical liability reform, is on the short-term agenda. In theory, that should be easily done and very positive in its effects, but of course, reality is never as simple as theory, and there are some real risks to open source here. In theory the part about it being easy to get done is pretty clear: he has a mandate to act, his party has clear majorities in both houses, and medical claims litigators like John Edwards aren't exactly popular anywhere.

Re: Tort Reform: A Bandwagon for Open Source
Posted by: henrykwool 2006-07-03 23:07:58 In reply to: Paul Murphy
The benefits of the medical liability reforms in HB 4 enacted in 2003 became apparent almost immediately, particularly in South Texas, where doctors had become increasingly scarce and specialists were practically non-existent.Liability insurance rate relief turned that situation around and doctors are now establishing practices in previously underserved areas throughout the state. The Texas Medical Board is anticipating a record 4,000 applications for new physicians’ licenses next year – twice last year’s total and 30 percent more than the previous best year for the state.
Texas reforms have already started to bring about lower prices, higher job creation, better wages, and more product innovation throughout the state. I got more information on tort reorms from the site of Mr DICK WEEKLEY (www.dickweekley.com), The Co-Founder and Chairman of Texans for Lawsuit Reform.

Tort Reform: An attack on patients
Posted by: cypherpunk 2004-11-19 09:37:16 In reply to: Paul Murphy
I for one just hope Mr Murphy doesn't get killed or seriously injured by an incompetent doctor if he ever needs medical treatment after Bush's "tort reform" goes into effect. Like most conservative gasbags, his rose colored glasses will probably only come off if and when he is personally affected by the policies that he advocates.
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