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Re: Novell Takes on Windows
Posted by: James Sherwood 2004-11-17 10:45:04
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Novell has boasted that its newly released Linux Desktop 9 operating system (OS) will threaten Microsoft Windows on corporate desktops, but channel players disagree. Novell, which started shipping the new OS last week through its partners, recently claimed its operating system contains as much security and reliability as Windows and is sufficiently developed to challenge the Microsoft platform.

Re: Novell Takes on Windows
Posted by: Kagehi 2004-11-17 10:49:10 In reply to: James Sherwood
Suprise suprise.. Given competition MS falls back on babbling the same FUD they have been for the last year. Reminds me of the presidential elections, only in this case there is a 'clear' alternative and we are not picking them because of fear of one stupid thing they claim to be better at. Yes, everyone ignore Novell and buy Microsoft out of fear that the alternative will fail you at some point, I am sure Microsoft will take it as a 'mandate' to continue to be anticompetitive, monopolistic liers.
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