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Re: Analyst: Red Hat Conceding Defeat in US
Posted by: John P. Mello Jr. 2004-10-28 04:42:32
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The world's largest distributor of Linux expects 50 percent of its revenues to be coming from overseas sales within the next year -- a revelation one analyst sees as a bit of a capitulation. "It's our goal that within the next 12 months, 50 percent of our revenues be from sales outside the United States," explained Red Hat spokesperson Leigh Day. "We're striving to be a global company," she told LinuxInsider.

Re: Analyst: Red Hat Conceding Defeat in US
Posted by: magcomment 2004-10-28 12:26:51 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
DiDio said "An enterprise doesn't pay a licensing fee for Linux, she continued, but it doesn't get indemnification or a product warranty either."
Ever read the Microsoft EULA, guess what ? Microsoft doesn't offer indemnification or warranty either. If their code wipes out your data, too bad, that's on *your* head not theirs.
As for "conceding defeat", what a moronic observation. Red Hat said nothing about reducing sales in the US, merely that they wanted to increase them abroad.
The lady needs to find a clue.

Is DiDio crazy?
Posted by: rkhalloran 2004-10-28 10:43:35 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
Lessee, they're making inroads in the server market *everywhere*, they're making inroads in the offshore gov't market, but they're "conceding defeat" because they haven't stormed the desktop market? Give me a break, Laura! RHAT is doing better financially than ever. Ballmer's throwing FUD over Linux almost daily, Dell just signed up to offer pre-loaded Linux servers, the embedded market's taking off, there's numerous desktop pilots going on, where is all this a concession of defeat?

DiDio is a fool
Posted by: DarrenR114 2004-10-28 10:24:23 In reply to: John P. Mello Jr.
If it had been MS doing the same thing (waitaminute - they ARE doing the same thing) the headline would have been something like "Microsoft looking to expand it's global markets."
But because it's Redhat and because DiDio is profoundly anti-Linux/FLOSS (such bias is not something you want in an industry analyst) we hear that Redhat is abandoning the US market even though revenue in the US is not declining nor are they shifting resources away from the US.
LinuxInsider - they're not about Linux nor are they insiders.
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