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Re: Linux Takes Microsoft Rivalry to the Desktop
Posted by: Computing Canada 2004-10-08 05:50:27
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Linux is poised to threaten Microsoft's dominance in the desktop and notebook market, assuming it can overcome interoperability issues, according to experts. It's only a matter of time, they say, before the open source operating system gives the U.S. software giant a serious run for its money. "We're starting to see things come together for Linux," says Warren Shiau, research manager for the software research program at IDC Canada in Toronto.

Re: Linux Takes Microsoft Rivalry to the Desktop
Posted by: bugmenotcom 2004-10-09 10:00:25 In reply to: Computing Canada
"For example, when a user spells a word incorrectly in OpenOffice's word program, no alternate spellings are offered."
Huh? This is absolutely false. What kind of a system was this guy using?

Re: Linux Takes Microsoft Rivalry to the Desktop
Posted by: ggvrsn 2004-10-08 09:55:02 In reply to: Computing Canada
Come on guys, is it just me who is seeing this point or are you guys in denial ? Linux can only surpass MS when all the companies who develop software and peripherals build a version of their software or provide a driver for their hardware. If no company is doing it, how can Linux surpass MS ? we can all be talking and hoping for the same, but a ball will not move unless there is some momentum.
I do know that there are a few companies who provide software and drivers, but think about the main things that a user at home requires.
a. Office Suite : OpenOffice is still way behind MS-Office, but there is no marketting to let the users know that only a handfull of people in a company actually use those high level MS-only utils in Office, viz, macros, comments, VB-scripts or embeded-perl scripts in Excel or Word.
b. Drivers for peripherals : wireless cards, usb/wireless keyboard, usb/synaptic mouse. Granted that some of the latest linux distributions do support some of these, but it is still generic drivers or modules that are built in.
c. WebCam / Chat Utils : Granted that kopete / jabber and gaim are awesome, but still do no give the same kind of feel and ease as their PC counterparts like yahoo, MSN and AIM.
Even to date there is not a good support for webcam. Intel is a member of OSDN, do they provide drivers for their webcams ? NO. Or do they provide drivers for their new motherboards ? not to all.
Yahoo messenger is available for linux, but when compared, it is like using a wheel-barrow compared to yahoo messenger on windows.
Unless each company puts in an effort to write similar code for both linux and windows, we will not see the gap lessen between windows and linux.
I know that this is not an easy task when it comes to money to invest and resources to find within the company, but hey if a company like IBM says that they are behind linux all the way, then they should really invest money into writing drivers for their hardware they sell to support linux.
I have been a linux user since 1996. I have tried many distributions of linux and have been following every release that major companies come out with (Suse, redhat, mandrake, linspire, xandros, gentoo, debian, knoppix, slackware, mepis) The only two distributions that even come close to being good for a non-technical person is Xandros and Linspire.
Innovation is one thing, getting companies to write applications for multiple platforms is totally another. Linux falls in innovation and MS falls in the other.
Rajiv G Gunja

Re: Linux Takes Microsoft Rivalry to the Desktop
Posted by: CptnObvious99 2004-10-10 09:53:17 In reply to: ggvrsn
Hopefully now that Linux has some big companies on its side (Like IBM, Novell, and HP) they will be better about drivers. If they had better hardware support and you never had to use the command line linux would take MS by storm. unfortunatly unless that is fixed only techies will be using linux either way Im happy with my linux and I know they will always be around
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