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Re: Desktop Linux Users Debate Impact of Longhorn Gap
Posted by: Shane Schick 2004-10-06 10:46:35
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The open source community is still hoping to see desktop versions of Linux enter the corporate enterprise, but vendors say Microsoft's decision to make major changes to the next version of Windows will do little to help their cause. Ever since Microsoft executives began discussing Longhorn several years ago, members of the open source community have been trying to figure out how they will compete with some of the product's key feature enhancements.

Re: Desktop Linux Users Debate Impact of Longhorn Gap
Posted by: unoengborg 2004-10-06 15:12:55 In reply to: Shane Schick
"It's security Relevant Products/Services from AT&T Network Security Solutions, really," he said. "IT managers are not going to do any desktops unless they know they are safe and secure and that there's going to be someone available to look after them."
This is probably true. That sommeone may turn out to be Novell. It is a well known name to many sysadmins in the Windows world and they have representatives in many countries.
With at least two new generations of Gnome to be released before Longhorn hit the stores, we can expect that most of the stuff Microsoft will offer in their next OS will already be available in Linux making it a very good alternative once win2k gets end of lifed in 2007.
But the worst enemy for Microsoft is not Linux but microsoft utself. I doubt that the people that upgrade from win2k to XP did see any ROI. Win2k did all the tasks needed for most businesses. The only thing XP could offer was costs for upgrades.
The same thing will happen with Longhorn, unless Microsoft makes majer modifications. The problem is, if they do major modification that will result in incompatibilities followed by forced upgrade of other software and increased training costs. This way it looses windows major advantage over Linux the installed user base.
Linux that for a long time have been playing catch up in usability may all of a sudden be more like existing windows XP installations than the new XP and by being so, a better upgrade path.
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