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Re: Doomed Windows 2000 Dominates Market
Posted by: Robert Jaques 2005-06-17 10:23:57
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Microsoft Windows 2000 remains one of the most widely deployed operating systems in corporate IT environments, despite the fact that mainstream support for the software is set to expire at the end of this month, according to a new study. During the period covered by the research, though Windows XP rose in popularity from 6.6 percent to 38 percent, Windows 2000 lost only four percentage points from 52 percent to 48 percent.

Re: Doomed Windows 2000 Dominates Market
Posted by: SmartITGuy 2005-06-17 10:39:34 In reply to: Robert Jaques
I could care less whether Microsoft supports Windows 2000 or not. I have NEVER ever needed their help in my life! I figure things out for myself and solve problems myself.
As long as the software I currently have still works, why should I buy the latest version? My computer always will keep on doing what it is already doing. Why do I "HAVE TO" jump on the upgrade treadmill? (Just because poor poor Microsoft needs a cash injection every couple years?)
Not to mention that simply by switching to XP, I will have to upgrade all the OTHER software I use to newer versions because of XP SP2. In my case that will be over $12,000 per machine. SWITCHING WOULD BE VERY STUPID!!!!
And I especially don't want to use XP, since you can't use any new Microsoft products anonymously. In order to use Windows XP legally, Microsoft has to have a file on you with your name address phone number email address, social security number, bank account number, credit card number, blood type, urine sample.
Thanks I'll just stick to Windows 2000 FOREVER! Besides, the way Windows XP insultingly treats you like a retarded child with attention deficit disorder with all the childish animations and annoying wizards that have to 'hold your hand' through everything. I'd rather not have to look at all that unnecessary bloatware.
What is there about XP that is a "MUST HAVE" that Windows 2000 can't do??? The only way I'll allow XP in my company is with a court order!
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