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Re: 'Cookies' Still a Growing Problem
Posted by: Gene J. Koprowski 2005-05-06 07:32:29
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Would anyone willingly download a file from the Internet that can track his or her movements online and provide that private information to advertisers? Willing or not, experts told UPI's The Web chances are most Internet users already harbor many "cookies," or small data files, on their computer hard drives, giving marketers a glimpse of what they buy online, where they buy it and how much they spend. "Cookies are a hot issue right now," said Ann Westerheim, president of Ekaru, an IT security consulting firm in the Boston area.

Posted by: RT_alec 2005-05-06 07:57:02 In reply to: Gene J. Koprowski
"...hackers can write cookies that can list and report all of the files on a user's hard drive."
What, exactly, does that mean? A cookie is not a computer program... it cannot 'execute' code.

Re: FUD?
Posted by: ctbogart 2005-05-22 06:43:05 In reply to: RT_alec
Thank you. I am also astounded at this quotation. I have written to the (alleged) source of that quote to determine if she really said it. Somehow I doubt it.
I'll report back what she says.
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