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Re: Net Stocks Rebounding All Over the Place
Posted by: Matt Krantz 2005-04-12 03:25:18
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The back-from-the-brink Internet club recently got another inductee for its Hall of Fame: Ask Jeeves. The Internet search engine that cratered from US$190 to less than $1 a share in 16 months, on March 21 said it is being bought by IAC/InterActiveCorp for $1.85 billion, or $28.24 a share. "Ask Jeeves is a survivor," says Ryan Jacob, portfolio manager of the Jacob Internet fund. It's also the latest example of an Internet stock that barely survived the devastating tech bear market that has since come storming back.

Re: Net Stocks Rebounding All Over the Place
Posted by: JimPflaum 2005-04-12 03:32:51 In reply to: Matt Krantz
Talk about flip-floppers! Just five years ago, during the Dot.Com Crash, most of the Internetís top analysts were blaming the crash on the Netís so-called ďflawed business models.Ē Now many of those same analysts are saying that ďtime has shown that some business modelsĒ do in fact work.
Iím not surprised by the e-commerce sectorís stunning performance over the last several years, and I donít think that the Netís so-called ďreckless entrepreneursĒ are either. They all boldly predicted that their online businesses would flourish over time, and itís now becoming vividly clear that they were absolutely right.
Remember when the Netís analysts all said that Pets.comís business model was flawed, and that pet owners would never buy pet supplies over the Internet? Well, guess what? PetsMart, using nearly same business model that Pets.com developed, is selling tons of pet supplies to pet owners through its online store.
Iím convinced that the Netís analysts still donít understand what factors really did cause the Dot.Com crash. Itís true; some Dot.Coms were grossly mismanaged. Most of the Netís failed e-commerce sites however, upward to 80% or more, were managed by some pretty bright and talented entrepreneurs. They know what caused the Dot.Com crash, and so do I, but the Netís analysts still donít and probably never will. Jim Pflaum, Raleigh, NC
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