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Re: Wal-Mart Director Resigns After Probe
Posted by: Anonymous 2005-03-26 06:33:01
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A senior board member of Wal-Mart Stores resigned today following an internal investigation related to personal reimbursements, billing and company gift cards. In addition to Thomas Coughlin, three Wal-Mart employees, including one company officer, lost their jobs in connection with the probe, the world's largest retailer said in a brief statement. The employees were not identified. Wal-Mart also said that it did not expect any adverse financial impact to the company from the investigation.

Re: Wal-Mart Director Resigns After Probe
Posted by: TheTruith 2005-04-03 11:41:09 In reply to: Anonymous
I remember not to long ago many friends and family members working and shopping at Kmarts the one basic store that was on the tip of every ones
mind when a need (product) to purchase arose. But because of bad management and not remembering that the customer is the reason of the stores and that employees of the stores are the most valued customer, management lost there edge and profit. For example if every Walmart employee shopped else where than the store that they work there stores profit would dramatically decline. There for I do not understand why management of most stores treat there employees with little to no respect. I feel instead of unions we should practice this to show how money coming back to the corp. matters a lot. I feel Walmart had the right attitude at first but it is being lost slowly and surely. For example it has been said
that they pay well and are a very fair company. But if this is true than how come the average full time employee is still able to receive food
stamps and public aids and need them to survive. I think the average consumer does not realize this. For if they did it would upset them that
they are not only helping Walmart get richer but they are also paying there employees through there taxes because they are not paid enough. I
understand through loss and law suites that it is difficult to make a business work. But instead of policing there business, like having a regular employee transfer or hire on to Walmarts to see if it is being managed and properly ran than reporting back to main office for a few months they rely on the ones management who have the most to lose by unfair treatment, unfair wages, threat of loss of job ect.. This seems crazy its like having convicted bank robbers running a bank and when moneys are missing asking them did you do it and of course they are going to tell the truth and not try to cover it up. I Have tried to get my ideas to the main office but the districts and local management stores fear them because they don't go by Walmarts rules. I feel if WalMart policed there own stores with people like I have stated they would catch problems before the turn to law suites and save trillions. I Know these things cause I have been apart of them in a six month period I went from I.C.S. at Walmart,to turning stores into super centers to head unloader attending manager meetings at districts. My Family owns swimming pool businesses in Ill. and IN. and I have been working since age 14. And I have never seen abuse of power and shift of blame and unfair treatment as I did at my Walmart job. This is sad because if corp. would do there job to make sure the district and others are doing there's Walmart could be a great asset to the world . But the way it is going they will end up like Kmart. And hurt many who have put there life's into the business. Its simple don't ask the problem police your own with out the possible
problem(s) Knowing regularly and the store will stay on top for if not it will surely fall to another who will run there's the righteous way.
Jonathan Newton
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