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Re: U.S. Files Charges over $175M Online Pyramid Scheme
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-19 14:17:23
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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced Monday that it has sued
an illegal Internet pyramid scheme that allegedly bilked
consumers around the world to the tune of US$175 million.

According to the FTC, SkyBiz.com promoted its
company as a work-at-home opportunity selling online
tutorials. To participate, consumers paid a $25 registration
fee and purchased an "e-Commerce Web Pak," which included two
Web sites and access to online tutorials, for an additional $100.

Re: U.S. Files Charges over $175M Online Pyramid Scheme
Posted by: Paul Van Kuyk 2001-08-05 12:17:03 In reply to: ECT News
Regarding Skybiz and the FTC, I refer people to read the letters on http://skywebbiz.com/mtk/speakout/id2.html to gain some understanding of the Skybiz product and the unfair tactics used by the FTC. I live in New Zealand and have thoroughly enjoyed the Skybiz web package product I purchased, and the freedom to promote this very affordable product worth many times what I paid for it.
And as for Skybiz... the best is yet to come.

Paul Van Kuyk
(New Zealand)

Re: U.S. Files Charges over $175M Online Pyramid Scheme
Posted by: Don Gibson 2001-06-20 01:13:50 In reply to: ECT News
I just read the article on the online pyramid scheme for $175 million. It's upsetting to know that there are people, companies and corporations literally hindering the growth of the most phenomenal profit building invention in history. In my opinion, everyone on this planet can make a substantial amount of money in the ecommerce industry if teamed with the right people and the right model. But when situations occur like this, the average person will be more than just skeptical. Companies like that make it harder for other companies to spread the word and share in the worth that is just around the corner.

Re: U.S. Files Charges over $175M Online Pyramid Scheme
Posted by: Blake 2001-06-19 14:19:09 In reply to: ECT News
Why isn't the FTC investigating CyberRebate.com as an online Pyramid Scheme???!!

Re: U.S. Files Charges over $175M Online Pyramid Scheme
Posted by: Jack 2001-06-26 02:17:54 In reply to: Blake
I heard Steve McCullough speak on "Skybiz" at a seminar in Auckland NZ. When I joined I sent a money transfer via Western Union for 3 websites to Jim Brown in Oklahoma. Four months and no one had picked up the payment so I cancelled. I can see now that that was one of my smartest moves. At the seminar Steve related the story about why "Skybiz" he replied with blind conviction ...because "I believe", at that time I'd seen many people blindly sign up on the spot. The El Dorado factor is what captured people's pockets. I'd say Skybiz is history now.
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