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Re: Big eBay Price Hikes Met with Outrage
Posted by: Jennifer LeClaire 2005-01-14 16:09:53
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EBay sellers are up in arms over the online auction giant's plan to raise the monthly fee it charges sellers by 60 percent. EBay notified sellers about the pending increase via e-mail on Wednesday. Effective midnight on February 18, the fee for the basic eBay Store subscription will be raised from US$9.95 to $15.95 per month. The Final Value Fee, the percentage that eBay takes off the closing price, is also going up. Sellers will pay 8 percent of the closing value for sales up to $25.

Re: Janelle Elms, mortified about the response from her fellow sellers..
Posted by: screwedebayer 2005-01-26 19:27:08 In reply to: Jennifer LeClaire
Get a life Janelle (and a brain), and anybody else who isn't outraged at eBay for the impending increases...
Janelle, in the real world, your storefront's rent doesn't go up 60%, it goes up 2 - 5%. Ebay has provided me a 'automated' response that says they are increasing the fees to make eBay a better place for us... I think they meant "them". EVERY one of my many attempts to get a reponse when I ask for eBay to provide logical business reasons for the 60+% increase has been met with silence or the ignorant automated response that all is well and you "should just walk over the cliff like everbody else". Well I am getting sick and tired of working hard and then realizing that eBay is the only one making money. And now they want more!?! It is time for all to e-mail eBay and let them know that we (their customers) are not happy.

Re: Big eBay Price Hikes Met with Outrage
Posted by: PowerSeller 2005-01-15 06:32:00 In reply to: Jennifer LeClaire
I have a few comments for Janelle Elms. A mall would NEVER raise the rent on a store by 60% with only a one month notice. I also would not think that a reputable mall would DOUBLE other store fees by 100%, which is exactly what ebay has done. Not only has eBay increased fees exhorbitantly, but they now insist on a bigger cut of the final sale. Ebay is theoretically the 'mall of the world' and they are showing the world that they have become greedy. Ebay needs to wake-up and acknowledge the thousands of angry sellers that they have.

Re: Big eBay Price Hikes Met with Outrage
Posted by: wberthin 2005-04-29 14:14:10 In reply to: PowerSeller
After finally reaching a (1000) feedback score at eBay with no negatives, I am out of there. Enough is enough and this site has too big a cash grab. I have come up with a better idea, that works for me. I have been listing my stuff on a free site called www.theauctionman.net. It is really fast and easy to list with their template based bulk lister. You can even copy your whole ebay store over, fast and easy with no retyping or copy and pasting. I have seen people move 1,000 listings in an hour. This site is growing fast because the people that run it know how to do things right. Sure it does not have the eBay exposure just yet, but so far I have sold over 40 lots there. Check it out. I am sure you will like it.
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