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Re: The Forbidden Fruits and Singing Bananas
Posted by: Naseem Javed 2004-09-22 08:29:19
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A very serious fight between Apple Computer and Apple Records of The Beatles is now headed for the ninth round. On this side of the ring is Sir Paul McCartney, with the title of a legendary musical artist and boyish looks with a cute smile. On the other side, yet another youthful boy wonder, Steve Jobs, with his intellect and a legendary title for being the first to lead the start of the personal computer revolution. The fight is all about the name and use of the word "Apple," and its right owners.

Re: The Forbidden Fruits and Singing Bananas
Posted by: ryandary 2004-09-22 08:35:37 In reply to: Naseem Javed
Let's hear it then, Apple Records, bring on information about what product or service you intended to release which Apple Computer beat you to! This isn't a real battle about integrity of a company, but instead it appears to be a way for former star "Beetles" to make some extra money. They are taking a swing at Apple Computer with a piece of paper which was written with very different intentions than are now being exercised. Apple Computer is not doing something that "honestly" conflicts with business interests of Apple Records. "Apple Records, you are being a 'sour apple' to say the least." Sir Paul McCartney needs to just work on his own company and quit taking bites out of other peoples fruit! - Ryan Dary, CEO; www.SurpriseSoftware.com
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