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Re: Is Going Public the Right Move for Your Company?
Posted by: Theodore F. di Stefano 2004-07-14 11:40:26
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Many businesspeople have thought about the thrill of going public: the challenge, the excitement, the bragging rights and the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow. But what should you know about the downside and cost of such a venture? Are there important things you absolutely must be aware of before you take the plunge? This column will address the major concerns that must be resolved before you make a final decision. For example, the first thing you should consider is who you are.

Re: Is Going Public the Right Move for Your Company?
Posted by: Teddistefano 2004-07-18 06:27:33 In reply to: Theodore F. di Stefano
I am the author of the above article and would like some feedback that I can include in future articles. The link to conact me is in my article. Thanks, Ted di Stefano

Re: Is Going Public the Right Move for Your Company?
Posted by: DigitalDave 2008-02-17 19:29:47 In reply to: Teddistefano
Thank you for your well written article. It appears that “Going Public” is for companies that need cash. But our company has plenty of cash and is very healthy. Sales are just under $20 million per year and consistently growing. In fact, our company could not be much healthier.
My interest in going public is more due to the following line near the end of your article: “Not only does it potentially greatly multiply the value of your company compared to what it would be worth if you remained private…”.
It’s not that our staff doesn’t think big. We have stayed out of debt and grown our company incrementally over the 28 years. The bank pays us interest, not the other way around. We have an amazing team of 72 talented and wise people who are a pleasure to work with. There is an outstanding degree of creativity and practical problem solving skill demonstrated in everything we do.
I guess the question is: “Should a healthy company that doesn’t appear to need cash go public?” I think of Google and how they were a well managed and healthy company before they went public. This obviously opened new doors to them and gave them a huge advantage over the competition.
Yes, we could dream big and come up with much larger plans. That appears the to be key ingredient that would make sense of the idea. I would appreciate your feedback for our situation.

Re: Is Going Public the Right Move for Your Company?
Posted by: Teddistefano 2008-02-19 11:27:42 In reply to: DigitalDave
Hi, Dave: Thanks so much for your comments on my article. If you go to my website, you'll see how to contact me, if you would like me to comment further.
Going public is not for everyone, but it can make the right people quite wealthy. All the best and good luck! Ted di Stefano
PS: A more direct way to contact me is tfdistefano at cox dot net; Also, 401.783.5079
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