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Re: Finding Dollars for Small-Cap Companies
Posted by: Theodore F. di Stefano 2004-06-29 04:43:21
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To anyone who runs a small company, raising capital might seem like an overwhelming task. Venture capital companies usually want a big piece of your pie if they are to invest in your business. Often, this means that you have to give up control of the business you worked so hard to start. Financial institutions also are not particularly friendly to the small-cap company. In many instances, even though they don't necessarily want an ownership interest, they do want adequate collateral. This often takes the form of a second mortgage on your residence.

Re: Finding Dollars for Small-Cap Companies
Posted by: Teddistefano 2004-07-18 06:24:23 In reply to: Theodore F. di Stefano
I am the author of the above article and would like some feedback that I can include in future articles. Please feel free to contact me. The link is in my article. Thanks, Ted di Stefano

Re: Finding Dollars for Small-Cap Companies
Posted by: flowercityric 2006-11-22 05:58:18 In reply to: Teddistefano
There has been increased interest in direct public offerings (DPO) What are your thoughts on this aspect of going public vs an IPO. I am a mid size company, for profit in the healthcare service industry with the usual minimal hard asset situation and a large employee overhead. Strike one. In New York State, Strike two. Yet, with about 1 -1.5 mil in capital we can take this to the next level and I am perked by the DPO concept. Perhaps you have already written about this? Many thanks in advance.
Rick Thompson - President, Flower City Health Care

Re: Finding Dollars for Small-Cap Companies
Posted by: Teddistefano 2008-02-22 08:14:02 In reply to: flowercityric
Hi, Rick: Thanks so much for your comments. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Please contact me so that we can discuss further. My contact number is on my website: www.CapitalSourcePartners.com or call me at 401.783.5079. Thanks, Ted
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