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Re: Online Crime Engenders a New Hero: Cybersleuth
Posted by: Christopher S. Stewart 2004-06-17 08:28:13
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A lot of perfectly respectable small businesses are raking in money from Internet fraud. From identity theft to bogus stock sales to counterfeit prescription drugs, crime is rife on the Web. But what has become the Wild West for savvy cybercriminals has also developed into a major business opportunity for cybersleuths. The number of security companies that patrol the shady corners of the virtual world is small but growing. "As more and more crime is committed on the Internet, there will be growth of these services," said Rich Mogull, research director for information security and risk at Gartner.

Re: Cybersleuth in Europe too
Posted by: cybersleuth 2004-06-17 08:49:30 In reply to: Christopher S. Stewart
Cybersleuth don't only work in the states, but in Europe too.
It seems to be the solution to figth against cybercrime, because police or government services will not be able to take care of all demands : harassment, fraud, theft, netspionage...
Alain STEVENS, cyberdetective
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