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Re: Silicon Insider: Sun Microsystems
Posted by: Michael S. Malone 2004-04-29 16:24:12
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Companies, even big ones, often die. Some quickly, most slowly. But few companies ever kill themselves. Maybe they should. Call it Corporate Euthanasia. And in this fast-moving new world of business, that option should be a serious one for any board of directors in fulfilling its responsibility to shareholders. We have grown used to technologies, products, even markets bursting on the scene like supernovas - and then just as quickly evaporating.

Re: Silicon Insider: Sun Microsystems
Posted by: rajivekjain 2004-05-26 21:05:55 In reply to: Michael S. Malone
Ref: to "Given that, how responsible is it to keep some of our best talent locked up in dying, unproductive companies like Sun Microsystems (and I suspect, soon, Motorola)? .... And what better time than now, when the economy is picking up and jobs are finally beginning to appear? "
I think it is rash and irresponsible of this author to write opinions like this. According to Malone, it is better to dissolve the company and result in job losses of the employees in any company that is temporarily in trouble. Michael Malone, it is shameful that you do not consider it worth it to keep people's jobs in a company.
Also, it is pathetic how you could consider Sun unproductive- by this you clearly show how inept you are in the world of technology- it is clear to all how productive Sun actually is with its resources....(although its marketing department has been sleeping). In terms of engineering, Sun has produced technologies that have been trend setters that have spawned entire industries and job opportunities for the common people (Java being a case in point).
Why do we consider Sun ? Because we do not want to get tied to Microsoft dictating everything to us- what we surf, what we use in tech, how we purchase our daily needs, how we innovate etc. However, it seems to me a person like you is incapable of understanding such basic needs of the 'tech public'.
As judges are ignorant about the consequences of not controlling the illegal monopoly of Microsoft, it is still amazing how Microsoft's money is killing choices that everyone used to take for granted- free will and choice in what we want to do with our lives (are you aware of the b******t that Microsoft pulled on a company called Lindows... ?)
Your logic: If a company has money, they can do anything- trample on entreprenuerial freedom- it is allowed. Squash people's choice with money !
You must be a very 'tech-stupid' person to believe that, and it is shameful how the editors of this fine mag even allowed your opinion to be published.
Get this straight for the rest of your life:
We like Sun. We want Sun to thrive. We want its products. We want it to exist. THIS IS OUR VOICE. THE PUBLIC.
Help it- rather than being a coward about it.

Re: Silicon Insider: Sun Microsystems
Posted by: lesshype 2004-04-30 23:53:24 In reply to: Michael S. Malone
>Sun is not coming back. It is a giant company without a >business.
I would say you need to understand the size of their current installed base to realize that it isn't going away anytime soon.
Having lunch with Marc Andreesen and hearing him say ... sun is dead because google is using cheap servers isn't great evidence that sun is dead.
What works for google may not work for a large fortune 500 insurance company. Their respective personnel is very different. Google wants to look under the hood and mod what's there to gain a competitive advantage. Definitely this switch to cheap servers at the edge of the network for web services that have less demanding SLA cut deep into Sun's low to mid range. But to say they are dead ignores some of the disadvantages
of "adopting a commodity model for its servers", namely that there isn't a "one throat to choke" for problems. Do you think google is running their accounting and financial apps on mysql/linux/dell?
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