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Re: Google's Dave Girouard on the Future of Enterprise Search
Posted by: Alison Diana 2004-04-27 09:21:19
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With its release of the Google Search Appliance last year, the long-time leader of consumer Web search turned its attention to the needs of complex, data-intensive enterprises. Its device -- which includes hardware, software and support -- interacts with an organization's datacenter to search either an intranet or a business' external Web site. Companies as diverse as Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas, PBS, USA Today, the U.S. Army and Sun Microsystems already have adopted Google's offering.

Re: Google's Dave Girouard on the Future of Enterprise Search
Posted by: Tim.Reczek 2004-04-27 09:40:05 In reply to: Alison Diana
Great little device, but most organisations have many more terabytes of information sitting on fileservers in shared areas and on SAN and NAS devices than on intranets. Not to mention e-mail storage which is several terbytes more data. People want to search all of this with one tool.
Google loses out here to other products (e.g. Sharepoint Portal Server) since the google appliance can only search web content and docs held on web sites, but not docs on file servers, etc. And all these data sources need to be able to be included in a single search scope if desired.
Take the example of a SAR (Subject Acess Request) in the UK. For about 10, essentially anyone can request that a company produce all the information they have on that person. Every e-mail they are mentoned in, every doc there name is in, etc. Its a huge task and horendously expensive for organsations to comply with. A solution encompassing more than a search (no matter how good) of the intranet/extranet is required.
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