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Re: Algorithms That Changed the World
Posted by: Alison Diana 2004-04-21 05:36:02
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Algorithms -- or, in layman's terms, defined procedures for accomplishing a task or solving a problem -- abound throughout the computing industry. These protocols have shaped the ways in which people communicate, transact business and even pursue recreation using computers. Certain algorithms, such as the TCP/IP protocol that underlies the Internet, are quite well known. Others are little known but still have a huge impact. In this article, the E-Commerce Times profiles a few good algorithms.

Re: Algorithms That Changed the World
Posted by: pch083 2004-04-21 05:52:43 In reply to: Alison Diana
Algorithms depend on mathematics - and interestingly some of the largest employers of mathematicians in the world are Government intelligence agencies such as the NSA, GCHQ and what was the KGB. Some of these technologies now seem to be entering the commercial world for use in pattern recognition and text analysis. Autonomy (www.autonomy.com) is a spin off from the British intelligence services, and InfoTame (www.infotame.com) was originally designed by the KGB for their global database.
I guess some of the best techniques are developed by Government agencies because they have huge budgets, and no shareholders to answer to (so they can tackle algorithmic problems from first principles).
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