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Re: Firms Look To Limit Liability for Online Security Breaches
Posted by: Jonathan Krim 2004-03-09 11:49:41
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In the face of ongoing attacks by computer hackers, some companies that store their customers' personal data are adopting a new defensive tactic: If your information is stolen, they're not legally responsible. Across the Internet, retailers and other service providers that handle consumer transactions are requiring customers to agree to waive any right to sue the companies if the businesses are hacked, regardless of how secure their systems are.

Re: Firms Look To Limit Liability for Online Security Breaches
Posted by: jetpowercom 2004-03-15 00:56:24 In reply to: Jonathan Krim
According to both local constabulary organizations whom I consulted after multiple credit card fraud-related identity thefts, the main culprits - on the order of somewehere over 90% - are employees within the financial institutions themselves, tempted by easy opportunities to overcome abysmally-poor security and alienated by lack of positive leadership in the workplace. Apparently, they simply collect and sell customers' personal data to augment their income. Security is always a challenging and somewhat complex issue, but plenty of standard protocols exist to "lock down" sensitive data at any workplace. The failure to choose from a plethora of procedures is certainly a matter for which the leaders of any institution must be held fiscally and personally accountable.
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Would you license your personal data to advertising platforms if you were paid directly for it?
Yes -- So much of my personal data is already in the hands of advertisers anyhow; I may as well be paid for it.
Possibly -- It depends how much I would be compensated and how the data I authorize to share would be used and protected.
No -- I would not sell my personal data at any price.