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Re: Apple's Elusive Corporate Configuration
Posted by: Alex Salkever 2004-02-29 08:15:06
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When Apple Computer hired Sebastian Gunningham away from Oracle in the spring of 2002, some analysts thought CEO Steve Jobs had brought him on board to crack the corporate-computing market -- long a dream of Apple execs. Sure enough, a month later, at Apple's 2002 World Wide Developers Forum, Jobs & Co. launched the Xserve, a powerful server aimed squarely at luring corporations and other users of big hardware. Two years have gone by, though, and Apple has yet to make serious inroads into the corporate market.

Re: Apple's Elusive Corporate Configuration
Posted by: Mike in Paris 2004-03-02 03:58:09 In reply to: Alex Salkever
So how does one measure success? From all accounts I have seen, MacOSX Server is the most secure server on the market. The US Navy has adopted Xserves for some battleships, the science community is adopting it and there are many other small success stories.
So what kind of numbers would Apple have to achieve to be considered successful in the enterprise?
Every IT director I have ever asked about Apple in the enterprise has flat out said No, they would NEVER consider using Apple in the enterprise.
That is the challenge Apple has and I imagine Gunningham left because of a combination of running into brick walls constantly mixed with resistance from Apple to develop some of the services enterprise customers wanted.
But I would not say Apple is not yet a success in the enterprise. Microsoft has a very firm grip and the conversion rate willl be slow. Novell now welcomes OS X into its world and more and more Apple will be adopted JUST to keep Microsoft at bay.
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ASAP -- I like to have the latest software and security features as soon as they become available.
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After One Month or Longer -- I'm skeptical of new software versions and want to be confident that bugs have been fixed.
Maybe Never -- If my computer is working, my view is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."