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Out source to India
Posted by: Natuvici 2004-02-16 15:00:35
I cannot begin to express my frustration with the current practice of out sourcing customer service
assistance to India. My credit cards, computer tech support, internet, more entitites than I could name are now being serviced in India. I have a big issue with this. Aside from all the jobs that are being robbed from Americans (at a time when unemployment is high) my huge issue is (no offense intended) is I cannot understand the people to whom I am speaking. Technical support on a computer, is, well technical. It is not the easiest thing to communicate over the phone to begin with. Add a person who is handicapped by an overwhelming accent and the situtation can be explosive. I have had several of conversations with Indian customer service agents whom I could not understand, and who were getting extremely nasty with me and actually yelling at me because of my inability to understand them. I'm sorry but I signed up for an American credit card from a bank in Virginia, I expect and American customer service agent. Any company that farms out such important positions to inviduals or companies in foreign countries who have not mastered our language don't deserve my business.I will make it a point in the future to make sure they won't.

Re: Out source to India
Posted by: maidnus 2004-11-05 04:01:17 In reply to: Natuvici
I to am very frustrated with out sourcing to India. I resent the Christian names being use like Andy and Dan. I asked one worker if that was his given name and he went silent. Do they think we are stupid and can be fooled?
I want to know which companies are out sourcing? I want to support American companies who employ American workers. The practice of out sourcing is really hurting our country. I have cancelled AOL which I just found is out sourcing. I want to know and I will let my friends know who has our countries best interest in mind. The one thing we do know is Americans are losing jobs every day to countries like India. We can help stop the bleeding by boycotting these companies.

Re: Out source to India
Posted by: speedoflight 2004-02-20 09:07:21 In reply to: Natuvici
Way to go! Outsourcing is BAD news for the U.S. It is a pure money saving act for companies so that they will look more luscious to Wall Street. Jobs gone from the U.S. will never return to the U.S. Thinking that outsourcing may not touch you just because you hold a job that is not the 'typical' outsourced job is being extremely ignorant. A diminished tax base and buying power because of diminished employment due to outsourcing of jobs will not help any community, city or state. The accumulative effect of non-employment of people will eventually touch those who think they are 'safe'. There is no such thing as job security, people! Wake up!
DO NOT buy from companies that are outsourcing. Plain and simple.
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