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Re: Apple Director Chris Bell on Why iTunes Rocks
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2004-01-22 04:56:42
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Digital music has been around for years, but the legitimate online music industry did not attract a critical mass of consumers until the launch of Apple's iTunes Music Store. Now, Apple has spiffed up iTunes by releasing new versions of its iPod digital music player, making iTunes available to Windows users and inking deals with industry heavyweights, such as AOL. Chris Bell, director of product marketing for iTunes, talked with the E-Commerce Times about iTunes' development, the art of eclipsing not-so-great expectations, and the future of online music.

Re: Apple Director Chris Bell on Why iTunes Rocks
Posted by: nigelcrane 2004-01-22 10:02:41 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
I use iTunes every day.
It is rockless in the UK as the music store is still (after an awfully long time) closed.
And until it stops being a pretty cd player, it always will.
Also, every time someone the other side of the pond gloats about it, it makes me want to set fire to Apples' head office.
C'mon boys get your act together
Nigel Crane
London, England (Somewhere in Europe)
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