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Re: Musicmatch CEO Dennis Mudd on Online Music's Evolution
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2004-01-21 17:11:42
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In the six years since Musicmatch opened its virtual doors, the online music business has seen some significant changes. Musicmatch CEO Dennis Mudd spoke with the E-Commerce Times about what lies ahead. "Things now are like we expected them to be in '97," he said. "When we put the original business plan together, it was about selling music over the Internet. We thought it would be six months before it really took hold. We were off by about six years."

Let's be real...
Posted by: Cartel 2004-01-21 17:12:10 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
<I think iTunes is successful, since I believe they have about 400,000 users, according to Nielsen. But we have 45 million registered users of our software,>
These guys are funny. They're always trying to downplay the success of the iTunes Music Store and Apple in general. The reason they have so many users is that they've been operating FOR SIX YEARS! But as far as downloads go, they have sold as many since launching their music store as Apple has. But they won't talk about that. Hell, Apple has sold more music than MusicMatch and that crappy Buy Music.com together!!!
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