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Re: Irrational Exuberance, Priceline Style
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-11 18:04:35
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News item: One of the richest people in Hong Kong plunks down a few million dollars to buy
a bigger slice of potential turnaround story Priceline. Cause for optimism? You bet.

Can we go so far as to say now that there's a reason to believe the bad days are all over
for the name-your-price e-tailer? Well, whether you call it wishful thinking or irrational
exuberance, as Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan famously dubbed the original
Internet stock run-up, we might be getting a bit ahead of the news.

Keith Regan Should Be Fired Or Post A Correction To His Disinformation
Posted by: Mike 2001-06-12 08:42:02 In reply to: ECT News
Keith Regan Has Been Reported To SEC

Priceline founder did not sell his shares to Chinese for $7 as Keith Regan disinformed us in his article.
Founder has quit Priceline and sold all his shares for $4.40!

Re: Irrational Exuberance, Priceline Style
Posted by: Andrew Goodman 2001-06-11 20:03:52 In reply to: ECT News
The current valuation of Priceline seems arbitrary given the history of this sector, and its tenuous hope for (slight) profitability.

What people seem to be overlooking in the wake of news that someone bought a large stake of Walker's stock above $7 a share, is that Walker's holding company was relentlessly selling shares for any price he could get (below $3) over the past few months.

Irrational exuberance indeed. $1.5 million for an unproven business without profits. Shades of dot com days gone by.

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