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Re: Is Wireless Security a Lost Cause?
Posted by: Alison Diana 2004-01-02 14:45:24
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As enterprises continue to invest in wireless devices and networks, IT specialists will be faced with the growing challenge of maintaining and improving the security of those networks. In many cases, they are getting the financial assistance they need to achieve this goal. Global spending on overall security and business continuity will grow at twice the speed of IT spending, reaching more than $116 billion by 2007, according to research firm IDC. Even so, is true wireless security feasible, considering the current set of standards?

Re: Is Wireless Security a Lost Cause?
Posted by: rexsmith 2004-01-02 15:38:01 In reply to: Alison Diana
The problem is 802 standards are evolving and most, if not all, standards groups force creative developers to think within the direction of the standard; resulting in "thinking in the box."
My interest in 802 secuity was a result of a DoD request on secure wireless. I funded the development which has resulted in secure wireless with rather simple solutions and very little overhead. The solution provides encryption keys, security controled content (who,when, where, and how content can be used), authenticates both end devices and authenticates both the sender and receiving parties. So far it is holding up to testing with both hacks and virus attacks.
I'm happy, with a little more research we may offer this as an open source solution. Our next test is with boarder directories and some elements of VPN interfaces.
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