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Re: Feds Round Up Suspects in Net Fraud Sweep
Posted by: Keith Regan 2003-11-21 08:39:38
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation and a handful of other law enforcement agencies have charged 125 people with a host of Internet-related crimes, ranging from identity theft and software piracy to auction fraud and hacking. The FBI said those arrested so far in Operation Cyber Sweep are responsible for bilking at least 125,000 victims out of more than $100 million in cash, services and products. The investigation began October 1st and will continue throughout the holiday season, according to the agency.

Careful where your information comes from
Posted by: adamaronson 2003-11-21 10:04:47 In reply to: Keith Regan
The Business Software Alliance is an interesting organization. Set up by software manufacturers, it in essence was designed to ensure they hold property rights and get paid for their efforts. There is nothing wrong with this. I went to their site for information to understand better who they were. This to me seem a reasonable thing to do. Only, two days later, the organization I worked for informed me, as I was the IT director, our internet provider had been approached by BSA. They claimed that there was a computer inside our office being used as a P2P server. They even went further to detail the precise software titles being offered. I thought to myself, what a coincidence. I was there merely to get information, and they did the same thing. To get my information I was probed. So much for being able to make my own moral decisions. The server was taken offline, permanently, and our ISP got off our back.
All of this access of information by officials for official purposes is disconcerting. Perhaps in the end we are better off for it, but I'm not really convinced. I feel capable of making my responsible decisions without the strong arm of the law waving a sneaky glove at me.
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