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Re: Secrets of Office 2003
Posted by: Lesley Hensell 2003-11-13 07:15:20
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Microsoft wants everyone to migrate to Office 2003. But at between $239 and $329 per PC, users may wonder whether the step up is worth the cash. In this article, the E-Commerce Times delves into the new Office suite to identify the features users likely will crave -- and those that, while promising, are not yet poised to shake the foundations of enterprise computing. In a nutshell, the decision about whether or not to upgrade may come down to a single factor: collaboration.

Re: Secrets of Office 2003
Posted by: cvs 2003-11-21 01:46:36 In reply to: Lesley Hensell
Don't forget the ramped-up minimum hardware requirements to run this beast. That alone will dictate the success of Office 2003. There's a whole lotta PCs out there that won't run it. If Office 97 works capably for most users.... why bother?
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