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Re: How Small Businesses Can Afford E-Commerce
Posted by: Lesley Hensell 2003-11-07 10:26:59
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With many online behemoths still struggling to turn a profit in the e-commerce sector, small and medium businesses may question whether the online sales model is truly a road to riches or just a pipedream. In the latest trend, many companies are abandoning their aging homegrown systems in favor of prepackaged software, forgoing the high expense and risk associated with building solutions from scratch. Is this approach to online sales likely to prove more affordable -- and profitable -- for SMBs?

Re: How Small Businesses Can Afford E-Commerce
Posted by: terrecom 2003-12-17 10:53:54 In reply to: Lesley Hensell
The article made no mention of the use of B2B marketplaces which can be used with minimal costs to sellers-usually free to buyers. These would include,, and among others. These should be considered by ALL businesses as a quick and cost-effective way to find business on the net. People don't realize that it is a "numbers game" -- that is, the more places you are on the net, the better your chances of being found. Also, use of such marketplaces exposes a business's website to additional traffic. There is really no downside to the use of such marketplaces.

Re: How Small Businesses Can Afford E-Commerce
Posted by: MultipleSites 2003-11-13 15:44:07 In reply to: Lesley Hensell
Although there are now many prepackaged solutions available, few help the merchant to expand their market without the cost being the limiting factor.
Site management also limits the efforts of many that would like to have MultipleSites vs. one or two.
Look for systems that promote the creation of additional sites/management for a small fraction of the orignal site development costs. Then just go crazy duplicating the products in different e-storefronts.
WalMart does not make their profits from just one store... neither should web marketers.
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