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Re: Novell Buys Linux Vendor SuSE for $210M
Posted by: Keith Regan 2003-11-04 08:58:55
<img src="/images/story_graphics_sm/novell-suse.jpg" align=left hspace=5 ><a href=/perl/story/32033.html><font face=verdana,arial,helvetica size=2>See Full Story</font></a>
In a move that could significantly alter the Linux competitive landscape, Novell has said it will buy privately held Linux vendor SuSE for $210 million in cash. As part of the agreement, Novell also will accept a $50 million cash investment from IBM when the deal closes. "Novell has a history of stumbling when it comes to making it on the desktop," Gartner analyst John Enck told the E-Commerce Times. "Whether they can turn that around with Linux will be an interesting experiment to watch."

Re: Novell Buys Linux Vendor SuSE for $210M
Posted by: Corey340 2003-11-04 16:32:14 In reply to: Keith Regan
Red Hat has suddenly realized that they aren't the major player the marketing community made them out to be. Dump the little folk that put them on the map (sorry, no more frebies), and try to compete with SuSe in the enterprise market... hmm... they're a little late to compete with the robust (and current) offerings from SuSe.
SuSe/Novell (SNovell... you heard it here first) is well positioned to re-acquire the server marketplace from M'Soft with their enterprise software once they consumate the marriage with Novell. I for one can't wait to see 64bit GUI-FREE CLUSTERED SERVERWare (at affordable prices).
This will truly be a bonanza for the savvy IT diretor (anybody want to hire me??) and the CFO that wants to keep some MAJOR licensing $$$'s in the company coffers.
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