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Re: Breeding Grounds for Aspiring CIOs
Posted by: Lesley Hensell 2003-10-22 11:39:52
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So you want to be the boss -- the head technology honcho with the CIO title. But when you shake off that daydream, you look around and see the cubicle of a low- to mid-level IT manager. How can a garden-variety IT professional break into the ranks of C-level management? According to executives who worked their way up through the IT ranks, it takes a lot more than technology know-how to be chosen as CIO. The right education helps, and a solid career path cannot hurt. But to get the glory, what you really need is guts.

Re: Breeding Grounds for Aspiring CIOs
Posted by: p7dickens 2003-12-31 11:57:31 In reply to: Lesley Hensell
This article provides sound information regarding the aspiration of climbing the “Corporate Ladder”; however, my query pertains to obtaining entry for an individual who holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in IT (theory) after serving 21 years in the U.S. Air Force?

Re: Breeding Grounds for Aspiring CIOs
Posted by: chiefofficer 2003-10-22 11:43:20 In reply to: Lesley Hensell
One key element that was missed is 'communications'. The ability to talk to non-technical people without completely losing them after the second sentence. This is almost always the biggest downfall of mid-level IT's attempt to reach the peak.
Chief Officer
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