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Re: Study: Lack of Options Thwarts European E-Commerce
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-07 14:56:27
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European e-commerce is being hampered by a combination of inflexible payment schemes,
strict governmental mandates, and small-scale business models, according to a study
released Wednesday by Forrester Research.

"Cultural differences matter, but payment issues, regulations and domestic market size are
the dominant reasons why consumers don't buy online," said Forrester analyst Jed Kolko.
"The world over, convenience and price top the list of reasons people shop online, but
their importance wanes where payments, regulation and scale hold back shopping."

Re: Study: Lack of Options Thwarts European E-Commerce
Posted by: Gerhard 2001-06-11 03:05:00 In reply to: ECT News
After reading the rules: it would be nice if the box "Your Name" would be larger than 14 digits and this box allow inserting to correct spelling mistakes or is this the level of your QA policy??

Concerning the article

What is the influence of local languages? These split markets in Central and Eastern Europe because general knowledge of English is not common.

Re: Study: Lack of Options Thwarts European E-Commerce
Posted by: Jim Conley II 2001-06-07 15:10:36 In reply to: ECT News
I've long been an advocate of multiple payment acceptance methods. This article just reaffirms the point that you need to allow for multiple payment acceptance faucets, with credit card cards being first. Another payment option to include would be Checks by Phone/Fax/Internet. And don't forget to include an address for those who would rather mail their payment instead. Other options would include an order phone line and fax line. The thing to remember is the wider your range of payment acceptance methods, the more customers you will attract. This goes for both online and retail establishments.

- Jim Conley II

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