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Re: Tech Closure Cripples Entertainment E-Tailers
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-07 17:49:13
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Because WhatsHotNow.com (WHN) abruptly closed its e-commerce services division, the e-tail
operations of a number of TV Web sites, including Comedy Central, NBC and TV Guide, have
had to shut down this week.

"[WHN] said they were negotiating an acquisition, and if that didn't happen they would
have to shut down," Comedy Central senior vice president of new media Kenneth Locker told
the E-Commerce Times on Wednesday. Locker said that Comedy Central had about five days
notice before WHN shut down its e-commerce services completely.

Re: Tech Closure Cripples Entertainment E-Tailers
Posted by: Mike Hyland 2001-06-07 18:06:17 In reply to: ECT News
Don't feel that this will be a rare occurrence. Shortly the web ink will flow on other storefront integrators who are going bankrupt after stiffing both the merchants and their affiliate sales forces. I think vStores, with prominent exposure at MSN's bCentral, will fold as will all Network Commerce sites followed by vCommerce, Amazon zShops and all the little mini-stores like ePods and OneMinuteshopper, leaving the fulfillment merchants stranded for a platform. Middlemen who blew through millions of VC capital find the well has run dry and these custom ASP applications are a bear to maintain and worthless to unload on others once the techies have jumped ship or gotten laid off.

Sites like these should use commercially hosted solution with canned e-catalog/cart programs like Miva.com and start small and grow to a inhouse solution later after sales volume requires it. When I built the Pet.com site including artwork in 1997 it cost them 16,000 per month including payroll to maintain. Then came the VC bucks and those wanks pressured the owners into a 3-million-dollar monthly overhead.
My advice is always use a small design shop and walk before you run. Use an outside fulfillment service like those offered by UPS or FedEx to offload that initial expense too.

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