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Re: Artists Blast Record Companies Over Lawsuits Against Downloaders
Posted by: Joel Selvin & Neva Chonin 2003-09-12 11:12:56
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Recording artists across the board think the music industry should find a way to work with the Internet instead of suing people who have downloaded music. "They're protecting an archaic industry," said the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir. "They should turn their attention to new models." Likewise, genre-busting DJ Moby said in a post on his Web site, "File sharing is a reality, and it would seem that the labels would do well to learn how to incorporate it into their business models somehow."

At last - We are vindicated. My major thesis in this whole debate revolves around 2 main points: a) the RIAA does not and cannot "own" music. As an example: Can the RIAA claim to own Bing Crosby's White Christmas? I submit that they (or their artists) may claim the rights to the song and as the creator(s) are entitled to a fair reward for their creation. BUT this right must be limited as are patent rights. Imagine how many movies would not have been made if copyright was protected in the 50's and 60's as they are now (100 years??)
b) The RIAA is not acting for the artists - they are very, very expensive middlemen who have tried to hold the moral high ground with less and less success. Frankly, they have lied to the public and government - using selective statistics so to do. Example: CD sales are falling. Yes they are, but the RIAA released 20% less titles and lost only 15% revenue - therefore more revenue per title. Apple must pay royalties - where is this income reflected - 10 million titles downloaded!!!
Please note that all the above is in the public domain - check the facts for yourselves. Lets stop this dinosaur from holding back progress!!!
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