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Re: As Good as It Gets for Linux?
Posted by: Robyn Weisman 2003-09-02 07:27:49
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As 2003 dawned, Linux seemed poised to take off. However, in March, SCO sued IBM for allegedly using its proprietary Unix code without compensation. Industry experts have expressed skepticism about the suit, but at the same time, research firm Gartner has cautioned clients against embarking on full-scale Linux deployments, at least until the SCO situation plays out. Has Linux reached a plateau, or will it continue to experience rapid growth despite recent setbacks?

Re: As Good as It Gets for Linux?
Posted by: dsnider 2003-09-09 08:54:06 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
IBM is investing billions of dollars into Linux, and plenty of other large companies have been backing Linux for years.
Gartner can take their caution and shove it.
This SCO fiasco will only result in increasing interest in Linux.

Please don't support TSG's pump-and-dump!
Posted by: diogenius 2003-09-03 03:46:55 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
The SCO Group (TSG) appear to be running a simple pump-n-dump, they have insiders selling like there's no tomorrow and outsiders (the principal one of which sports Melinda Gates on its Board) helping to keep their stock pumped.
They've been fined by a German court after failing to prove any of their claims, and even if through some travesty of justice they prove the claims (which seems impossible given that their best shots were BSD or well-documented clean-room rewrites) in the USA the proof is against distributors, NOT against any users.
Meanwhile if they succeed in their claims they automatically lose any right-to-distribute over Linux themselves, and they've been incorporating drivers from Linux into UnixWare with a free hand, meaning that unless they manage to shoot down the GPL they've effectively Open Sourced their own UnixWare code. All of it.
Owning SCOX shares is a short-term proposition. If their shareholders don't cotton on to the scam, when IBM eventually smacks them down there will be very little left.

Re: As Good as It Gets for Linux?
Posted by: onenetizen 2003-09-02 12:21:43 In reply to: Robyn Weisman
Good coverage of Novell! Novell's proven secure products such as eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail are or soon will be available on the Linux platform.

Re: As Good as It Gets for Linux?
Posted by: harkonlukas 2003-09-02 16:33:30 In reply to: onenetizen
Okay, but why is someone going to pay for Ximian Desktop when they can get KDE for free?
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