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Re: Web Dominance: A Matter of Choice?
Posted by: ECT News 2001-06-05 17:44:15
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There are two ways to read the news that just four Web properties
account for half of all the surfing time in the U.S. One school of
thought sees the consolidation as a dangerous trend, one that threatens
to make the Internet a homogenous, brand-name-riddled commercial strip
straight out of one of the nation's anonymous suburbs.

But that view ignores a fundamental fact underlying the data: People are
free to go wherever they'd like online. The biggest portals have won
their audience fair and square. Maybe the message is that people like
the familiar feel of those suburbs just as much online as off. It's
a message that e-commerce should heed.

Re: Web Dominance: A Matter of Choice?
Posted by: Ula 2001-06-06 08:08:55 In reply to: ECT News
When I first went online a year ago--I visited
hundreds, if not thousands, of sites.

But--as with anything we do--we "prioritize".

As time went by (and as time was wasting!) I
eventually found myself going to the same
half-dozen sites regularly.

Although I do have many varied interests, I do not
have unlimited time to explore *all* of them,
so I naturally choose to trim my list of

Sometimes on the weekends, I find myself
exploring some of my old (saved) Favs....

So much to see....almost *too* much!! lol

The Web offers *something* for everyone.....
but I limit my time online now...if I didn't,
I'd surely be suffering from "information-

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I am most loyal to brands that...
Give the best value for my money
Have helpful and friendly staff
Operate an easy-to-use website
Provide fast, knowledgeable responses to questions
Support causes that I believe in