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Re: The Thin-Client Challenge: Citrix vs. Microsoft
Posted by: Lesley Hensell 2003-08-07 13:17:48
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Even in the ever-changing technology world, companies that hold 80 percent market share typically can breathe easy. However, that is not the case at Citrix Systems. The maker of MetaFrame thin-client software, which lets PC users access applications that run remotely on servers, is seeing its long-standing cooperation with Microsoft turning into strong "coopetition." Moreover, threats from smaller companies, such as Tarantella, are growing. Can Citrix keep its position as the thin-client king?

Re: The Thin-Client Challenge: Citrix vs. Microsoft
Posted by: dkablo 2008-04-08 12:26:37 In reply to: Lesley Hensell
For those who read this article in 2008 and beyond, if you are looking for an alternative to Citrix, take a look at Ericom Software (www.ericom.com). Their PowerTerm WebConnect offers many compelling features that enhance Terminal Services: seamless windows, application publishing by groups, load balancing, etc. It is also certified to work with Windows 2008 Terminal Server.

The Thin-Client Challenge: Apple vs. Microsoft
Posted by: Aphelion 2003-08-07 20:55:01 In reply to: Lesley Hensell
Why not an OSX thin client for x86? Turn all those Wintel PC's found on businesses' desktops into productivity enhancers by running Office:X off of racks of Xserves.
With unlimited seats for $999, consider the savings for a company with 5000 Office users. Darwin (already running on x86) could be the basis for this thin client.
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