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Re: How Job Seekers Can Outsmart Outsourcing
Posted by: Elizabeth Millard 2003-08-04 08:02:23
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In an effort to trim costs, U.S. companies increasingly have been shipping work overseas, especially to India, China, Eastern Europe and South America. While this practice boosts the bottom line in the accounting office, it also raises the anxiety level of U.S.-based employees. However, not all IT jobs are candidates for outsourcing. Certain skills still need to be kept in-house, and worried workers may want to tailor their expertise to these areas to ensure job security. What are these export-proof positions?

Re: How Job Seekers Can Outsmart Outsourcing
Posted by: poorman55 2003-08-05 05:59:21 In reply to: Elizabeth Millard
Why don't we stop buying stuff that is made overseas? Why don't CEOs take a cut in pay? I look at all the countries overseas that we send money to to bail them out, well, who helps US? Who helps the USA? Bring our jobs back and our country will do better!! Ross Perot was right don't you hear that big sucking sound that's your jobs!!!! What is made in America anymore? We used to be proud to say made in America not anymore!!!

Who is to be blamed for Outsourcing?
Posted by: Puma 2003-08-05 08:15:38 In reply to: poorman55
Dear poorman55,
I clearly understand your feelings. It definitely is a bad scenario, which is affecting all sections of the society. But we need to understand the fact that there is no point in blaming other nations. It is not their fault that the cost-effectiveness is exemplary over there. You should be venting your feelings to the CEOs over here for outsourcing the work, coz the board pays them (CEO) for cutting the cost of the company and that is precisely what they are doing. Therefore I don't see a reason to blame other nations.
And about not buying other countries' products. Do you know how much corporations like McDonald's, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft and the like depend on other nations to bring in massive sales and profits?? International Trade is a bi-process. What if all the nations in the world decide to alienate US products? Of course they are bringing in funds to the US treasury when they buy a Big Mac in Beijing, and when they order a Dell PC online from Bangalore.
What we could have is government-monitored outsourcing, which would simultaneously help the US worker and provide a reasonable returns for the corporations.
Have a good day! Peace!
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