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Re: Time for an Apple Blade Server?
Posted by: Tiernan Ray 2003-04-21 15:48:01
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Apple's Xserve is a well-designed 1U rack server that has won approval from trade pubs that often dote on IBM and Hewlett-Packard. But the market is already shifting from 1U rack-mount servers to racks of computers-on-a-card, known as blade servers. Apple can play the blade server game, too. It has the technology, and it has won some attention with Xserve. The only thing Apple doesn't have is enterprise-class software that businesses want. Even that may be negotiable, though.

Re: Time for an Apple Blade Server?
Posted by: SEggermont 2003-04-24 08:11:33 In reply to: Tiernan Ray
Apple not only has the right technology, it already has the right
motherboard. Repackaging a powerbook is all that's needed.
Blade servers are only going to take off when they can handle much more RAM than the current generation. There is a massive market for RAM+parallel processing-based decision-support.

Re: Time for an Apple Blade Server?
Posted by: Nooneelse 2003-04-23 12:11:29 In reply to: Tiernan Ray
The biggest hole in Apple's server offering is not a blade server, but ECC memory. I know several people
who would love to use a Macintosh server, but without the option of ECC memory, they end up buying Sun, IBM, or PC hardware instead. Even though memory problems are rare, they are sufficiently difficult to diagnose that it's worth the extra cost to have reliable memory.

Re: Time for an Apple Blade Server?
Posted by: pdost 2003-04-22 15:12:59 In reply to: Tiernan Ray
The article states that '[Mac OS] currently doesn't have the demonstrated "five 9's" reliability of the enterprise computer players.'
I'd like to know which version(s) of Windows do.
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