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Re: Steve Jobs, the Music Man
Posted by: Peter Burrows, Ronald Grover & Tom Lowry 2003-04-18 18:35:45
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Apple chief Steven P. Jobs is known in the music industry as Mr. "Rip. Mix. Burn." That was the title of an ad campaign that Apple ran in early 2001 for its iTunes software. Music executives fumed that it was a clarion call to Apple customers to steal music by downloading it from the Internet. Now, Jobs is angling to sell online music. But how he intends to build a thriving online music business where so many others have stumbled is not clear.

Re: Steve Jobs, the Music Man
Posted by: oirudleahcim 2003-04-25 22:22:27 In reply to: Peter Burrows, Ronald Grover & Tom Lowry
The article glosses over the one service that does accommodate Mac users.
If your tastes in music run a bit more esoteric than the Top 40 pablum and curlicues, there's eMusic, which does at least attempt to cater to the Mac crowd. Granted, its helper application, Pickup, is something less than rock-solid stable, but it works and has helped me to tap into a world of music I wouldn't otherwise have possibly been able to afford and can freely sample to avoid downloading bloopers.
My "real CD" collection approaches 3,000 discs, and I don't need to engage in file-swapping to enhance my collection. Somehow, people like me have been completely overlooked by the record companies.
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