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Re: America Online Steps Up Efforts To Block Spam
Posted by: Paul Davidson 2003-04-17 15:01:07
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While spam, or unsolicited e-mail, is increasingly clogging e-mail inboxes and vexing Internet users worldwide, AOL subscribers often seem especially besieged. With AOL facing its first-ever dip in subscribers and members identifying spam as their No. 1 complaint, the company is stepping up its battle against the scourge in a bid to stem defections. Fully 80 percent of AOL's inbound e-mail -- 1.5 billion to 1.9 billion messages a day -- is spam that the company blocks, according to Matt Korn, who oversees AOL's network.

Re: America Online Steps Up Efforts To Block Spam
Posted by: kathleen.mccahill 2003-04-22 11:59:56 In reply to: Paul Davidson
AOL's report spam button does not always work, you get error messages so lately spam has to be deleted but not blocked and reported. For the monthly subscription fee, AOL should be giving its customers a rebate for having to put up with spam. Or hire better programmers to design software that does not allow spam to get through.
If you hit reply to any of these messages it won't go through, so how hard is it for AOL to figure out that all this spam is bogus email?
AOL is starting to remind me of the government -- big and ineffectual. AOL has been promoting 8.0, what AOL really needs to do is clean up the mess that is part of their so-called service.

Re: America Online Steps Up Efforts To Block Spam
Posted by: marvin25 2003-04-18 13:23:12 In reply to: Paul Davidson
I would like to say that I use a service where I get all my spam and they say they have a spam filter. The result is I am average over 500 messages a day of spam. I have 512K connection and I can delete them very fast. I wonder how many more I would get if they didn't have a spam filter. The problem is getting worse instead of better. I pay for the service and this volume is increase the cost for the service. I have tried to say don't send and the result in a few days I wound an additional 100 emails a day. I don't know what to do as they just keep on coming. Since with new high speed it is not a problem as the page comes within a few seconds and I just delete them. The one thing I can say is don't say unsubscribe as you will get more. I don't know how we can handle the problem. I have a personal email account from my ISP where I don't really give out and I don't really get spam. It is a small ISP and therefore they are not looking at for now. If anyone has any idea please let me know. I don't believe the statement that people are getting little spam as I am now up to 500 a day and it is increasing.

Re: America Online Steps Up Efforts To Block Spam
Posted by: slosi 2003-04-18 17:38:33 In reply to: marvin25
I have to admit that as recently as two years ago, I didn't think spam was a real problem. My thought process went something like this: Stop whining and just hit the delete key.
Boy, has my opinion changed. When I began receiving about 50 spam messages per day -- enough that I accidentally deleted some "real" email while wading through the junk -- I capitulated and turned on the spam filtering service that is offered by my ISP. I checked the "holding tank" for a couple of days until I was reassured that legitimate messages were not being captured, then went on my merry way. The problem was solved -- for a little while.
A couple of months after turning on the spam filter, I again began receiving spam in my inbox. I assumed the spam filter had been toggled off in error, so I logged in to turn it back on, but it was already on. The maintainers just couldn't update it quickly enough to catch all the spam anymore.
I now receive more spam than ever, even with the filter on. I have heard that SpamAssassin is an excellent product for enterprises, but I am wondering if there is a high-quality, low-cost, accurate spam filtering program for home users running Windows. Have you heard of one, or are you currently using one?
Also, do you think whitelists are the way of the future? They would be a pain to set up, but if my ISP's spam-filtering program is representative of blacklist solutions, they aren't working.

Re: America Online Steps Up Efforts To Block Spam
Posted by: Ryan-S 2003-04-21 02:24:01 In reply to: slosi
Well really..spamming is going to be harder to stop than anyone thinks..the internet is based on communication..there will always be ways for spamming..
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