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Re: What Makes eBay Invincible
Posted by: Brad Hill 2003-03-04 18:34:33
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EBay is -- still -- sitting pretty. According to Forrester Research, the company booked
$15 billion in sales in 2002, far eclipsing Amazon's $4 billion. Its stock, though not
unaffected by the dot-com crash, has not been decimated. In fact, eBay shares recently reached a new 52-week high. Most importantly, the company's business model has proven its worth and continues to thrive even as eBay's management explores new avenues. What are the building blocks of the auction giant's extraordinary and persistent success?

Re: What Makes eBay Invincible
Posted by: rickybobby1234567 2020-06-30 23:57:02 In reply to: Brad Hill
Does Ebay treat all sellers equal? Not sure. Example: Seller with user name usedvending (https://www.ebay.com/usr/usedvending?_trksid=p2047675.l2559) This seller’s listings are clearly conflicting Ebays rules strictly prohibited/enforced on all other ebay sellers. See usedvending feedback troubles. Usedvending listings show contact info on every one of their listing, direct links to their web site, their user name reflects their business name/address/info, buyer discouraging comments (do not bid, do not send offer… may means: buy outside of ebay, contact us for directions of how to do that), etc… Everything that is strictly forbidden to other ebay sellers. Usedvending list items on ebay with intention of not completing any sale on Ebay (see their transaction/sale history) - not many feedbacks on big ticket sales completed on ebay. And usedvending has over 1500 big ticket listing on ebay. All of their big ticket sales are completed outside of ebay and ebay is all quiet about that because they receive/earn listing fees on 1592 listings of this seller. $20/listing per month = $3040/month paid to ebay in listing fees. $3040/month to keep ebay quiet?
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