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Re: Customer Service E-Mails Still Vanishing into Black Hole
Posted by: Vincent Ryan 2003-02-20 14:01:47
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Consumers are still having a hard time getting companies to service their needs via e-mail, according to a new survey, and the experience is souring them on buying again from the same companies. Although 88 percent of consumers surveyed said they expect a response to e-mail inquiries within 24 hours, just 54 percent of companies sampled met those expectations -- the same percentage as two years ago. A whopping 29 percent of companies took three or more days to respond or did not respond to customer inquiries at all.

Re: Customer Service E-Mails Still Vanishing into Black Hole
Posted by: JanO 2003-02-21 10:37:17 In reply to: Vincent Ryan
Re: email replies to customers. There should be a distinction between the auto-reply that is TEMPORARILY satisfactory, and using an auto reply as a crutch for lack of real service.
I'm usually a happy camper ordering online, and customer service has generally been very good. However, my latest frustration has come with ordering tickets online to the Matisse/Picasso through Ticketron. The order SEEMS to have been placed (given what I see on my online account), but the promised online delivery of the tickets has yet to appear after one week. My email requests for clarification and ticket delivery have largely gone unanswered, i.e. I get an automatic reply each time that my message was received, but after a week, still no REAL communication or resolution to the problem. At this point, I want tickets, but still have little idea about whether I'll actually get them.
I'm about ready to notify the Better Business Bureau. Ticketron and the Museum SHOULD have their acts together better than this.

Re: Customer Service E-Mails Still Vanishing into Black Hole
Posted by: kmccahill 2003-02-20 14:23:56 In reply to: Vincent Ryan
Back to the drawing board to all companies that have websites and are unable to manage their content or provide feedback in a coherent manner to the customer.
The answer is too simple: provide information that is useful and answer all email inquiries.
Unfortunately major corporations are still unable to digest any query, have deplorable tracking systems and customer support that is dismal.
"Oh Goody We Get Email" means absolutely nothing if your customer has to hound you to get a response.
Email is less costly, efficient, and provides an opportunity to make an excellent impression.
And yet very few major corporations have capitalized on this and are unable to recognize that a shift has come.
Amazing and unbelievable if you ask me.

Re: Customer Service E-Mails Still Vanishing into Black Hole
Posted by: mexine 2003-02-21 00:50:54 In reply to: kmccahill
Well - so much so - that even AMAZON US seems to have eliminated permanently their 'contact us' link! I have been double-debitted for shipping of some books twice and cannot find a way around all the automated site and order centre! If I want my refund, it seems that I have to send them a snail-mail letter! I have spent hours trying to find a 'contact us' link!
Too much of a good thing??

Re: Customer Service E-Mails Still Vanishing into Black Hole
Posted by: mhunt1 2003-03-05 06:29:38 In reply to: mexine
You spent hours looking for the "contact us" link? I found it in literally less than 15 seconds. Try going up to the help on the top of the main page and then scrolling down the page a little ways.
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